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A Day in Paradise

April 26, 2010

by Kristin Mitchell

Just yesterday, I was in the humid, lush green rainforest in Monteverde, Costa Rica.  This morning, I am enjoying a delicious breakfast of gallo pinto—the traditional Costa Rican dish consisting of black beans and rice—with juicy, sweet pineapple, steaming hot coffee, and freshly squeezed orange juice.  My Spanish teacher wanders over to our table and greets my breakfast companions and me with a lively “Buenos dias, chicas!”  He is decked out in a floppy hat, t-shirt, cargo shorts and his trademark Birkenstocks and woolen socks—not exactly the epitome of high fashion.  Despite his embarrassing, dorky attire, we are all in high spirits.  After all, why wouldn’t we be?  We’re in Costa Rica, having the time of our lives!  After breakfast, we’ll be on our way to the beach, which everyone has been anticipating since we landed in Alajuela near the country’s capital just a week ago.