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Just a Kid

May 2, 2010

by Brenda Applequist

I’m sure that mom was feeling alone and overwhelmed. The divorce was final and we were finally settled in a house of our own. The five of us kids were in the routine of school and daycare. At 31 years of age, mom was working two jobs. I don’t remember exactly how or when it happened. I just know that one day he was there. (more…)


The House in the Wood

April 23, 2010

By Lyubov Anderson

Instructor’s note: Don’t skip this story set in the Siberian Taiga.

It had been ten long years since I last visited my grandparents’ house. Eventually, I made up my mind to take a trip to the house, which was located in a small village named Lenovo near Krasnoyarsk in the cold land of Siberia.

I took a bus, the only means of transportation at that time, which was an old, small, green-colored vehicle and whose route was through the world’s largest forest, Taiga. The roads were extremely rough and I felt every bump in my lower back. The air conditioning on the bus was out on this hot summer day, but it did not bother me a bit because I was enjoying the picturesque scenery of Mother Nature through a widely-opened window. I was fascinated by the magic patter of Taiga’s endless forest with green pines, light blue spruces and cedars trees mixed with golden-brown and dark red leaves of birches and maples. The forest stretches across the entire Yenisei River which is often referred to by Russian folks as the “Sleeping Beauty.”

A Fish Can Walk

April 21, 2010

by “Mud Skipper”

What do you mean, Grandma and Grandpa are still married? I thought Grandpa was married to that lady he lives with,” my daughter said innocently. I had no answer. Like a pin puncturing a balloon, these questions popped the bubble of silence I had inhabited my whole life. Sitting at the ordinary formica table on the ordinary straight-backed chair, I suddenly saw how extraordinary my family situation was. We had never talked about it. None of us had ever said out loud, “Dad is an alcoholic and a liar.” My siblings and I were fish in a pond, unable to see the water.