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Is It Just Me?

April 29, 2010

by “Anita Neulyfe”

At times you just have to wonder, “Is it just me?” My day started out like any other. However, once I arrived at the gym for my early morning workout things began to change.  So there I was in my navy blue track pants, loosely fitting t-shirt, tennis shoes, red faced and sweating profusely.  I went into the small equipment room at the gym to grab a resistance band and start in on my bicep curls.  At the end of my work out, as frequently happens after you have jostled yourself around, the displaced air in my body sought an exit point.  So, being the nicely brought-up gal that I am, I glanced around to see if there was anyone near that I might offend. Since there was not, I decided to allow some air passage.  (more…)